The 3-Step Guide on Creating Explainer Videos in 2018

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Are you considering making an explainer video for your company or product this year? Then let us help you out right now and tell you that you should definitely do it. There have been so many of these videos over the past few years and research has shown that they do really have an effect on customers and on how they look at a company or product. Since this video will, most likely, be smack in the middle of your company’s website, there really is no room for mistake and you should really put as much energy as possible into making it perfect the first time so as to not leave the wrong impression on your customers and in this article we will give you some great tips on how to create explainer videos.

Don’t be boring, have some fun

First and foremost, these videos cannot be boring because that will defeat the whole purpose of them. The purpose of these videos is that they are supposed to be entertaining for the customers and make them really want to look into your product and buy it and the best way to do that is for you to have fun while making the video. Whether you add a little bit of humor or a lot of humor, putting something different in your video can really make an impact and really go a long way with the people watching your video. If you get people to smile or laugh while watching, then you are getting them to connect with your brand and product in a way that photos on a website simply can, and if there is one thing that is always true is that people always love to be entertained.

Plan the video out as best as you can

When people start thinking of how to create explainer videos most of the time they focus only on the design and they forget how important planning is in every aspect. You need to have a guide line, something to follow, and in this case that is the script. When creating the script, you need to really look at your business from an outsider’s perspective and figure out what you want to accentuate in the video and how to do that in a way that will be appealing to your customers. Another reason why you need a script is because it will also help you keep the video short and simple, and because those are the types of videos that people most respond to, this is definitely something that you should pay attention to. Our tip is to try and keep the explainer between 60 and 90 seconds for optimal results.

It’s not all about the visuals

Seeing as how we are talking about videos, this might sound a bit weird but it is very true and visuals are not as important as you may think when it comes to explainer videos. Having things like a professional voiceover and professional looking visuals is great, but they don’t make up for a good storyline because even the most professional looking video can lack in this department, while the most simple looking one can be very effective without all of the bells and whistles. People like a good story behind a product, which what these videos are all about, and the point of the voiceover and the visuals is for them to compliment the storyline that you have created, not to overshadow it. In fact, when it comes to the bells and whistles, less is more because they can even go so far as to distract from the message that you want to convey with your video, and that will completely defeat its purpose.

There are a lot of tips out there on how to create explainer videos and we feel like we have touched on a good amount of them in this article. Remember to take a good look at your business, or even hire someone to do that for you, because a fresh approach can change everything when it comes to creating the best explainer videos possible.