The Best Animated Explainer Videos to Inspire You

Best Animated Explainer Videos

Planning to make your own animated explainer video and you are looking for inspiration? Take a look at the best animated explainer videos to inspire you and stimulate your creative juices!


Animated explainer video is the best method of using animation or motion graphics to communicate or to depict a certain message. Different companies from b2b and b2c segments are using animated explainer videos to drive engagement, create awareness, and influence buyer decision.

Creating a video using an animation is an excellent idea. Within this, there are a lot of different outputs your final explainer video can have. If you are planning to make your own animated explainer video and you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to present you the best animated explainer videos to inspire you. Take a look:

  • Microsoft Explainer Video: Cloud Software Animated Explainer Video – Watch this 2D animated video explainer and see how Microsoft provides you with a clear message with a responsive and agile infrastructure. This video is about Microsoft Cloud which is a secure solution that can learn, listen, and predict the data.
  • IKEA Animated Explainer Video: Home Furnishing & Accessories Explainer Example – IKEA recently launched its new mobile sales tool to assist its staff members to meet customer expectations and help make finding the ideal home decor in just a few minutes. The animated explainer video is about the mobile tool which shows how IKEA team can create the best solution for the customers on the go. This is a great animated video you can learn a lot from. It uses amazing dynamic motion graphics with great music and sound design and clearly showcases the functioning of the tool.
  • Cisco Explainer Video: IT Animated Explainer Example – The Cisco Innovation Centers foster innovation, deepen relationships, and accelerate opportunities. Their animated explainer video clearly shows how Cisco helps businesses bring their creative, modern, and innovative ideas out in this world. It is a must-see video!
  • Deloitte Explainer Video: Management Consultant Animated Explainer Example – Deloitte is the company under which thousands of professionals and experts in independent organizations collaborate to offer assurance, financial advisory, consulting, tax, risk management, and related services to specific clients. The amazing explainer video demonstrates their wellbeing program. Watch it now!

We hope these animated explainer videos will inspire you! Don’t copy, just learn how a professionally animated video should look like!