How to Choose the Right Music for Your Videos

Right Music for Your Videos

Music can either make or break a good video. It’s one of the most influential aspects of creating a connection with your beloved audience. With the right selection, however, music can add a lot of value to your video.

Below are the practical tips to choosing the perfect music for your videos.

1. The mood of the song

The mood sets the energy of a video. You need to understand the kind of role that the music plays in your high-quality video. The mood is decided on a few things such as the speed of the song, the genre, lyrics, instrumentation and the sound density.

Don’t select music with a moody energy level, unless you’re very sure that your audience can highly relate to the song. Also, avoid music that can destruct the audience from getting the message that you’re trying to pass across.

2. Selecting a genre

When finding the appropriate genre, consider the nature of your business. For example, reggae would not work for an accounting company but can be perfect for a Caribbean resort.  Do not choose music that would remain in your audience’s mind most, then the message you’d like them to get.

3. Music with Lyrics

If you want to include a song that has lyrics, pick a song with universally engaging lyrics, that is, something that’s broad. When you choose something that’s too specific, it tends to take away your message.

Avoid using music with lyrics if you’re on-camera narration since it can overpower the audio of your video. Mixing audible with lyrics is also a very complicated video editing work.

4. Video Flow

Whatever music you choose, it needs to complement the flow of your video. Be sure to align the beginning of the song, with the start of the video, but this is not mandatory.

Try to time your video so that it ends at a natural part the chosen song, but you can fade out the music at any point. It all depends on the effect you’re after.


Do not use anybody’s music unless you have the copyright to use. The good news is that there are tons of licensed music that you can access through YouTube and Vimeo. There are also other places you can purchase a wide range of licensed music.

Music is something personal but finding the right one can go a long way in strengthening your message.